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73796_1683771456066_6777619_nKnown as the “Wolf Woman”, Jennifer has appeared on national television on the National Geographic Channel, Nat. Geo. Wild, Bravo and E! Entertainment networks as well as local news stations across the country including ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. Jennifer has also appeared in numerous publications such as The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and many more.

In 2010, after having appeared in a multi-episode special about Wolf-Dogs on Nat Geo Wild, Jennifer was approached by the Dog Whisperer production team to take over the series. After deciding to stay close to her roots, she left Hollywood behind to do what she loves best and continue her hands on work with animals and their owners.

For over 20 years, Jennifer has trained dogs for A-list television, film, and music celebrities and has traveled around the country as a live-in dog trainer for some of the world’s most influential people. Continued education, constant research projects, and participation at industry seminars and conferences keeps Jennifer at the top of her game. An accomplished writer, Jennifer was the training expert and online columnist for retailer Planet Dog. She has also been an advice expert for magazines, television stations and other news outlets. Jennifer is sought after around the world as an expert speaker on dog behavior and training, wolf behavior and co-existance issues with wildlife. She has brought her training programs into animal shelters with a huge success rate.

Jennifer is a fourth generation dog trainer and is skilled in a wide variety of fields including: obedience, behavior, protection, training for television and print, trick training, Schutzhund, personal protection, guard dog training, and American Kennel Club (AKC Handling). She has studied and consulted with veterinarians, animal control, K-9 officers, and top breeders; most notably, Enid Quick, top breeder and AKC Judge of thirty-five years who has produced over 100 AKC Champions since 1979. Jennifer has also studied under Captain Haggerty, former Captain of the U.S. K-9 Corps, renowned author, and “Grandfather of Dog Trainers.”

Jennifer has extensively studied wolf behavior, which she applies back to domestic dogs. Her work with wildlife and nature is the foundation in which inspires her to use knowledge from different animals to think “out of the box” and invent new techniques. She has helped many refuges transport captive wolves across state lines and has also helped them deal with behavioral issues. Jennifer aided in preparing a wolf-dog for ambassador work for Defenders of Wildlife and Mission: Wolf in Colorado and although she does not advocate buying or keeping wolves and wolf-dogs as pets, many clients contact her to keep them from ending up euthanized or in a shelter or refuge. Jennifer has spent weeks living in a home and documenting a wolf, wolf-dog and three domestic dogs interactions together. She has spent time on the front lines in Yellowstone with top wolf biologists as well as conducted in-depth interviews with Doug Smith and Rick McIntire. Aside from wolves, Jennifer has also conducted research on other Canidae including foxes and coyotes.

Having grown up as an accomplished equestrian, Jennifer applies horsemanship techniques to animal training. She also uses natural pack or “family” behavior to communicate with dogs, wolves and wolf-dogs. Her keen interest in the Native American culture’s spiritual relationship with all creatures is also a guiding principal. Nothing seems too far fetched as she has even acted like a dog for twenty-four hours to living in a barn studying the vocal communications between ranch dogs and coyotes. Jennifer has completed in depth interviews regarding feral dogs, wolves and other predators with Native Americans, the homeless on Skid Row in Los Angeles as well as developed her skills using meditation, visualization and her sixth sense. Clients often feel she is communicating to their pets on a “different plane.” She is also looked upon as being a teacher to some of the best trainers in the business today. Because of her cutting edge approach, unlike any other in the industry, Jennifer has formed a devoted following of fans over the years.

Jennifer McCarthy World Class Dog Training is licensed and insured.