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Pack Members

Lola (In Memoriam)

We are sad to say that we lost our dear sweet Lola in March of 2016. Lola was truly one of the most special dogs Jennifer ever owned. Everywhere Jennifer took Lola she was always asked the same question, “What kind of Dog is that?” Lola was an all black German Shepherd from Germany. She was originally picked out by Jennifer’s mother Gloria, but while visiting Jennifer fell in love with her sweet temperament and disposition. Lola was the matriarch of the animal family and she was extremely patient around the younger dogs. Lola was a very good protection dog and once was the only dog home in Los Angeles to chase away a burglar from attempting to break into the house. Even as she got older, she still had the same instincts she had when she was trained as a protection dog.  She lived on both coasts of the U.S., lived with wolves, traveled the country coast to coast two times, ventured to every place from the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone and beyond. She has stayed in 5 star hotels and camped on beaches, lakes, rivers and mountains and was even on the cover of a pet magazine. She loved the snow and she loved to swim. Jennifer was so lucky  to have her as a dog all these years. Lola – we miss you already and life won’t be the same without you but we are glad you are now at peace.



On a cold day in November of 2010, Jennifer was donating her services to the local animal shelter-the Yavapai Humane Society in Prescott, Arizona to help deal with hard behavioral cases. Ranch was a female Pit Bull mix shaking & drooling in the back of a run on a concrete floor. Those that saw her were afraid to approach her fearing that she may bite as she tried to blend in with the wall behind a hose on the back of her cage door. It took three hours of working slowly but Jennifer was able to build trust enough to start petting her and eventually she ended up accepting the leash.
Two days after that, Jennifer had her out for a walk. Her tail was between her legs, she shook, she drooled and was completely shut down in fear. After going in with her every other day, it took a little while but eventually one day Jennifer approached and she got up and wagged her tail. Jennifer took her everywhere- into town, around people and eventually ended up fostering her. Obviously fostering was out of the question as she’s been through so much, Jennifer couldn’t bare to see her go with anyone else so she adopted her. Ranch is now working to help other fearful dogs. She loves playing tug of war  and is an example ambassador for all shelter dogs- that most, given time, can heal from their scars. Ranch is a part of the family and prefers to be co-pilot when driving to clients houses to go to work. She is truly a great dog that has become Jennifer’s shadow.


In September of 2014 Jennifer went to the West LA Animal Shelter looking for the next member of the pack. As is the case with so many shelters, Pit Bulls accounted for a large percentage of the dogs there. One of the staff told us about Bronco, who had been in the shelter system for a year and a half and did not “show well” in his run as he was sometimes just spinning in circles. However they said he was a great dog who just needed the right owner. After they brought him out into the grassy play area, Jennifer could instantly see he was a special dog, who needed some love, behavior work to deal with the stress of being in the shelter that long and some obedience training. After she brought him home, she was a little concerned that his energy might not be the right mix with her two female dogs, Lola and Ranch. She decided not give up on him though and proceeded to work hard to help him cope and deal with the stress he endured. As the weeks went by she saw great improvements in Bronco and knew this would be his forever home. It did take him quite a few months to really settle down and realize that he was in a safe and loving home. He is now hanging out in the house with the other pack members (with a little supervision of course since he is just an overgrown puppy in many ways). But Bronco has adjusted to his new life and Jennifer can’t imagine her life without him.


On June 27th, 2015, a beautiful German Shepherd came into Jennifer’s life when she decided to adopt this dog that was very underweight and living in an apartment with two young children and a single, working Mom that could no longer give him the care that he needed. Rocko is very sweet and also highly driven. Jennifer knew that he would not be a good fit as a pet dog because he needed a job to do and that she has given him. Rocko now is training to compete in Schutzhund training and is flourishing. He gets two hours of hard walking a day, training three days a week and is loved and cared for to the highest level. Rocko loves to open doors and watch what you are doing, while you are doing it so he can attempt to copy you later on. He is smart, hardworking, very handsome, extremely loyal and has a heart of gold- all the things that make a German Shepherd a wonderful breed to own. We are very excited to see how far Rocko goes in Schutzhund and he is also a great addition to the pack!


Sage is a wild cat. She may actually have some other type of cat other than domestic because no one has ever met a cat like this especially at 10 months old. We even had to build her a special cat enclosure that comes off the laundry room into a long bridge that drops down into an 8x8x8 enclosure so she can go outside. She came to the ranch through the Chino Valley, Az. shelter, given up by a woman and her daughter. Jennifer was originally looking for a male but this cat kept pawing her as she walked by. We took her out and there she was-running all over the place, causing trouble, playing and full of mischief. At that point, we knew she was the cat for the ranch! Haha… Now she is an indoor/outdoor cat who can thrive out here as I don’t think she would have been a very good pet for someone in a small apartment or home. She looks like she’s not totally domestic so could have easily ending up being euthanized. We are happy to have her here and she loves her new life!


Although Mitten isn’t a dog, she seems to think she’s one. Mitten was purely an accidental arrival. One day while Jennifer was out in the desert training protection dogs, a drugged out lady pulled up in a beat up car and threw two kittens out her window. The kittens headed for shelter in some bushes and Jennifer and her friend were only able to find one. Seeing that the little kitty was horribly sick with a respiratory problem, Jennifer hauled her off that day back home in a dog crate to her vet. After nursing her back to health, the sweet little kitten had found a home with three German Shepherds who had never lived with a cat before. Of course interested in the behavioral aspect, Jennifer documented what she did daily to have them all get along. Now Mitten is a fierce hunter in Colorado and also has to be kept inside if the dogs go for a walk. She will walk along with everyone to the point of exhaustion and Jennifer has had to carry her home on many of occasions. Although Mitten is very sweet, she can also be a trouble maker and has absolutely no fear of dogs. She has been known to interrupt classes with her antics of playing with dog tails or chasing mice. Mitten is very close to Elvis, Dylan & Lola and will often lay with them in their dog beds. She is spayed and was named because of her two front white paws. Mitten is estimated to be around 3 years old.


Monkey is one of the newest members of the pack. He is 15 years old and has been blind most of his life. However that has not stopped him from living a very full life of napping and eating! Monkey was adopted at the age of 10. He had somehow survived in a shelter for most of his life and had been lovingly fostered by multiple people until he finally found his forever home. Monkey receives eye drops to help alleviate the pressure build-up in his eyes, but he never shows any signs of distress. Having lived in multiple foster homes with dogs and cats he is always open to meeting new animal friends, but he does enjoy his alone time as well (don’t we all). He is currently “working” on his relationship with Mitten – who is still top-cat in the house and not quite ready to accept him fully, but Monkey is a patient boy, and one day we think Monkey and Mitten may just become the best of friends.

Elvis (In Memoriam)

Elvis was Jennifer’s very best friend. His loss not only was felt by those that knew him but also all the dogs that he helped over the years who over came their issues. It took Jennifer 3 years to get another male German Shepherd because the loss of this dog was so heartbreaking to her. Elvis was only 7 years old when he was rushed to the vet one day and it was discovered he had advanced hermangiosarcoma. Sadly, after saving his life, he was rushed back to the vet three days later and passed away. This was devastating to Jennifer and was such a loss since this dog traveled everywhere with her from living with the wolves in Colorado to doing research in Yellowstone, he was always up for an adventure.

Elvis was related to the three time World Sieger- Yasko. He came from two VA rated dogs- both Schutzhund 3, Kk1, 1a. He was trained as a protection dog and also did Schutzhund training. Not only was he an absolutely beautiful dog, his temperament couldn’t have been more perfect. He had outstanding ball drive, was a natural tracker and never, ever gave up. Elvis had a perfect bite on the sleeve and was kept in top physical and mental condition through daily exercise and constant socialization and training. He had been around infants to toddlers, to the elderly and spent time living with his best friend- a mini Daschund. He loved to play ball, you couldn’t get him out of a pool, lake or ocean if you tried, any type of hiking, running, work and socializing with other dogs and people were some of his most favorite things to do. Elvis loved to have fun. He also enjoyed playing games and was extremely intelligent. He was very loyal and eager to please and was just an all around good boy. This dog had been very easy for Jennifer to bring up and she purposely raised him in a way to be a highly social and confident male. Elvis was born on February 12, 2005 and he is missed by all who knew him.

Dylan (In Memoriam)

Jennifer owned Dylan since he was 8 weeks old. The two competed for years in Southern California Schutzhund competitions until a back injury forced an early retirement. Dylan was known as the “miracle dog” who survived three back to back operations on his stomach from eating a tennis ball. He was in the vet in Los Angeles for over a month and Jennifer visited every day religiously for an hour or more. Many people think that was the only way he pulled through. Always loyal, Dylan never strayed far from his master’s side. He loved to play ball (except with a hard orange one), was always in the mood to eat and was second in rank to Jennifer. Dylan had a full time job of keeping young Elvis below him in the pecking order but he was free to enjoy his days in retirement. He had a heart of gold and was very laid back and easy going. Dylan was also the litter mate to Denver who is owned by Jennifer’s parent’s in Florida. He was a neutered male who was born on December 27, 1997 and died peacefully in Jennifer’s arms in his bed in April, 2008 at the K-9 Ranch training center. He was 10 and a half years old and has trully left a dent in the pack in which he resided. Dylan was the heart of world class dog training and is trully missed.

Macho (In Memoriam)

Macho was the first dog Jennifer had on her own right out of college. He was also the hardest. Macho’s litter mate bit seven people and put five people in the hospital. At four months old, Macho was already showing signs of being aggressive. Living alone in a small apartment in Los Angeles, Macho tried to bite Jennifer for the first time. Going back to her childhood education and animal instinct, she corrected him just like another dog would and it never occurred again. Not only was Macho aggressive towards people but other dogs as well. Jennifer spent countless hours working with him and for the rest of his life, he could be seen off leash happy around anyone or any animal on a daily basis. This was the dog that taught Jennifer the most and she went on not only to compete with him in Schutzhund Training but also taught him over eighty tricks and tasks around the house. In one instance, when she was locked out of the apartment, she taught Macho to find the keys the week before. Through the window, she instructed him to “get the keys” as he did off the dinning room table and dropped them through the window for her to open up the door and get back inside. Intelligent, loyal and very protective, Macho was always a true Alpha dog. The bond between the two was inseparable. Macho died of Cancer at nine years old in 2004 but his ashes and picture remain in the office at all times as a reminder of what he taught Jennifer and the love that she had for this truly amazing dog. Macho is still today the companies CEO and is greatly missed…

Johnny (In Memoriam)

Johnny was named after Johnny Cash or Johnny Knoxville depending on the day. He was around a year old as of Jan. 2010. Jennifer rescued Johnny from the Longmont, Colorado Humane Society Animal Shelter as another friend for Mitten. He often displayed aggressive cat behavior (hence his name for being a little bad) but as he settled in and got lots of calm reinforcement and attention, he very much liked to be held and pet which was impossible in the beginning. Johnny had come very far and proved to be a great cat and a fierce hunter- keeping mice and insects at bay, he was a top predator in the house. He loved to scratch and attempt to cover his food like a mountain lion and also loved to run and slide across the kitchen floor on his furry white paws. Greenies were his favorite treat and anything mouse related was his favorite toy. Sadly, Johnny got out of the house one day on the Ranch in Arizona and was eaten by a coyote. He was around 4 years old and is truly missed…