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170977_1829621342222_3095053_oTreating aggression is one of Jennifer’s specialties. There are many different types of aggression in dogs. Instead of just treating the outer layer of this behavioral issue, Jennifer’s approach goes much deeper. She gets to the root cause of the issue while also working with you to explain the issue from different perspectives. Her philosophy is that any dog who displays this type of behavior is not mean or “bad,” etc.. Jennifer believes these cases often result from something else going on and the aggression is just an outer layer. Whether that is fear, insecurity, physical brain function, lack of leadership, etc., Jennifer’s results are effective, long-lasting and dogs make a deep, full recovery and lifelong change.

When dealing with aggression, Jennifer also pulls from mammal psychology research and applies similar techniques to dogs. Jennifer recognizes the emotional toll an aggression issue can take on a person or family. Her #1 goal is to keep pets in their homes to live out happy and productive lives instead of being given up due to a behavioral problem.

In your first hour of the initial consultation session, you will learn why your dog is displaying this behavior, where it comes from, how the canine brain works and a plan of action on how to resolve the issue. In the second hour, you will begin behavior modification techniques to start resolving the behavior issue in your dog.

In some severe cases, if extra help is needed, Jennifer works with a local vet and possibly a neurologist to determine if your dog may require medication in conjunction with behavior training.

We are happy to help you figure out the right training package to fit your specific needs.

Please contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment by calling 310-890-2811 or send us an email at