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Anxiety / Panic / Compulsion

10547785_10204917848847907_7491499979233757440_oAnxious dogs are not happy dogs. Anxiety can cause physical issues as well as take an emotional toll on both the dog and owner. No one likes to see their best friend become so panicked at the sight of them leaving that they actually start injuring themselves or become escape artists. Some dogs can have other anxiety disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder where the dog becomes so worked up by chasing their tail, a reflection, etc. that they can actually have seizures.

Separation anxiety is by far the most common anxiety disorder in dogs and is very common among adopted or rescued dogs. Because dogs are pack animals by nature, the act of someone leaving can become very stressful to an animal whose life is dependent on that relationship. Jennifer treats this type of anxiety by using simple but effective techniques to literally re-mold the wiring networks in the brain. The dog is brought up gently to the trigger point and back down again over and over without flooding them with panic.

In private sessions with Jennifer, she will correctly train you on how to deal most effectively with your dog’s anxiety/panic and/or compulsion disorder in a gentle, loving but highly effective manner. She will teach you the tools to move your dog beyond the disorder to a much more relaxed and normal life.

If the case is severe, as last resort, she will work with you and a vet towards approaching the case with the help of medication.\

We are happy to help you figure out the right training package to fit your specific needs.

Please contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment by calling 310-890-2811 or send us an email at