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Fear / Phobias

615374_4735676231778_1368083909_oFear, whether real or perceived, is a survival response in dogs where the autonomic nervous system prepares the body for a fight, flight or freeze response. Because dogs are consistently being asked to rely on humans for food, warmth, shelter and care, they are also at the whim of human activity, which can sometimes cause distress. Many people don’t realize that they can actually create fear in their dog depending on their own response to a situation, thus causing the dog to become nervous.

Jennifer is considered a master in dealing with fear. Wolves and horses — both naturally fearful of humans — have given Jennifer unique insight in dealing with fearful animals.

Dogs can also feel vulnerable when their human caretaker is not acting like a leader. If they feel the human is more submissive then they are, they may feel that the world is a scary place especially while on a leash when they can’t go into a normal flight response.

Jennifer will guide you and your dog into understanding dog psychology and where your position falls within your pack. She will also tell you why this is happening – whether genetics may play a role, brain function, pack structure, etc. In the second hour of your initial session, Jennifer will start a program on de-sensitizing your dog to the stimulus.

In her time working with wolves, Jennifer never used tranquilizers to transport wolves. Instead, she used her own custom techniques to alleviate fear, including meditation. These techniques allowed her to crate and transport wolves naturally and respectfully.

We are happy to help you figure out the right training package to fit your specific needs.

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