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680573_4755486447021_1377724821_oJennifer is a firm believer that dogs can suffer Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) just like humans. Trauma in the brain can be caused from a single bad experience or multiple experiences. Behavioral trauma will remain in the brain unless it is addressed.

A bad experience or memory may cause your dog to become very stressed and anxious over things such as a specific type of person, object, sound, etc. In many cases of abuse, neglect or even in feral dogs, a dog will become traumatized. This may cause your dog to become anxious, fearful, aggressive, phobic, etc. which are only outer-layer symptoms of PTSD. It’s important in this work to correctly identify in the history of the dog to determine if these behavioral issues are the result of PTSD. If no history is present, Jennifer will work with you to get to the deeper layer of what is truly going on and identify if your dog has been traumatized.

To remove the trauma, Jennifer will work with you and your dog to gently re-create the memory using specific triggers. Because we cannot talk to animals like human beings, we have to use techniques similar to those in psychotherapy. Jennifer effectively wipes out the trauma while re-working the wiring in the brain using an array of effective behavior modification techniques.

We are happy to help you figure out the right training package to fit your specific needs.

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