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Mitten the Kitten

Posted by Jennifer McCarthy on March 29, 2007 in Mitten, Speak! Archive

I own a cat that thinks she’s a dog. First of all, I taught her how to sit- big mistake. She throws a fit if she can’t go on walks with the dogs and she tries to eat their food in which they growl at her (which she could care less about). She drinks out of the big water bowls, goes to the bathroom outside when I take the dogs out and she has no fear of other dogs what so ever. Today, Mitten decided it would be fun to first chase a mouse through a dog training class I was holding and then torture a Golden Retriever by running up behind him, batting his tail and running off over and over again. If my dogs aren’t star performers for clients that’s one thing but my next challenge is training my cat. Maybe she can be the roady. I don’t know- everytime she shows up at a party, she’s always got to bring the cat nip. lol
I don’t even know how I ended up with a cat in the first place- oh yea, she was thrown out of a car by a crack-addict in L.A. Luckily I was there, brought her to my vet and saved her life. After nursing her back to health, I coulden’t exactly give her away- I got attached. So there you have it… Three German Shepherd protection dogs and a cat named Mitten The Kitten who’s black with two white socks.

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