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Mitten & The Swollen Eye….

Posted by Jennifer McCarthy on July 25, 2007 in Mitten, Speak! Archive

Why is it that everytime I write about my cat she’s either eaten something larger than herself or in the vet for a painful war wound? Despite the fact that the other day I found a half eaten rabbit’s leg and a large dead pigeon, this evening before the Wednesday night basic obedience class, her eye was so swollen, she coulden’t even open it! There was also some extremely gross stuff coming out of it so after class I took her over to the Longmont Animal Care & Emergency Center. Mitten will be fine- just got hit in the eye probably by an Olw or Hawk she was trying to capture- lol.
Which brings me to my two next points: One is that far too many people don’t realize how many dogs are hit by cars daily and two- there are a lot of people out there who can’t afford surgeries, etc. when something goes wrong with their pet. It’s a very hard job these days being a vet or vet tech. It’s even harder giving Emergency Care.
I hope to educate people about the importance of animal safety around cars, etc. Leash laws are in effect for a reason no matter if your dog is trained off leash or not. All it takes is a split second for a rabbit or cat to run by and in an instant, your dogs life can change forever or worse yet- end. Emergency vets & vet hospitals in general are usually forgotten about when it comes to vet care for those who can’t afford it. Don’t forget to give back even some old towels or blankets that can be used for injured animals to rest peacfully instead of on a cold hard floor.
Karma always comes back to you so those that give will also receive 🙂
– Jennifer

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