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Saving Baby Bunny From Mitten’s Death Chamber

Posted by Jennifer McCarthy on May 9, 2007 in Mitten, Speak! Archive

Today coming back from the post office, I noticed Mitten had another victim in her death chamber. Mitten is my black & white ruthless street cat that I saved from a trip out the window of a crack addict’s car in Los Angeles. I thought it would be fun to train her like my dogs in attack work as a kitten but the plan back fired. She now hunts down species bigger than herself and traps them in what I refer to as her death chamber. You know when you have a basement and there’s a window? In order for the light to come through, on the outside of the house where that window is- there’s a drop below. I don’t know what you call this area as I haven’t had a basement in years but it’s where all the leaves collect over time. Anyway, today I came home & she had this poor baby bunny in there. The bunny looked scared to death and was jumping into the basement window trying to get away from Mitten. When I saw this, I grabbed my cat totally against her will as she wanted to eat the poor bunny. I ran downstairs and got an old towel and picked little bunny up to release her into the wild blue yonder. When I put bunny on the grass, she actually wanted to stay in the towel so I brought her under a tree and talked to her because she was so scared. The bunny could probably fit in my hand- she was so little. She was so cute with tiny brown eyes that I pet her over her ears and she seemed more calm. She looked in good shape so I put down the towel and she hopped off into the sunset. It was one of those moments that just puts things into perspective.
For the rest of the afternoon, Mitten was banned to the house to make sure bunny got away but she wasn’t happy. She not only kills these animals but she eats them too! I don’t mind mice because there are too many around but bunnies and birds are protected under the McCarthy Wilderness Act that’s zoned around my property. So Mitten- You better watch out! 🙂

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