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Knowledge of Nature

Posted by Jennifer McCarthy on November 15, 2009 in At Home, Dog & Wolf News / Issues, K-9 Ranch Training Center- Boulder, Colorado, Nature / Colorado, Speak! Archive

As a primitive species I feel we have such an urge to move fast and forward with technology and yet at the same time, forget about the most basic principals to respecting our animals and our earth. It is my belief that the very elements we wish to move beyond, we forget about what got us there. I think we become so wrapped up in our own paths that we forget to stop and smell the roses. Here in lies the path of discovery and teachings of nature…
In order to find oneself, I have taken to the woods to quiet my thoughts, tune in to animals and tune out the sounds of a busy planet constantly on the move. I have taken more to books than television and my only resource at times is my internet to connect with the outside world. I spend everyday hiking alone in the Rockies with my dogs, watching, listening and learning. How we work with nature, can be an unbelievable tool to creating a life of everlasting peace and harmony within oneself and the planet upon which we reside.
The insightfulness of observation, the power of inter-species communication and the teachings of basic morality can form a new relationship- a relationship beyond stress, beyond anxiety, pain, anger, fear and resentment.
These topics are some of the most crucial elements coming into light in the future of our society and some are already here:
– Over population
– Endangered Species
– Lack of habitat
– Climate increase/ Global warming
– Lack of individual responsibility
– Running out of resources
Man has to obtain a greater connection to our past as well as our future. Questions like: How did we get here? and Where are we going? are some of the most thought provoking, unanswered questions that can be obtained through observing all life- not just our own. To better understand this, we must understand how the basic principals of our planet and how the system works. For some, this cause and effect principal is often over looked. Occasionally, remaining “detached” is a way of comfortable and easy life. Everyone however, should feel at peace alone with themselves and no other distractions- truly being “in the moment” on the earth. It is very hard for particular individuals to be comfortable alone with their thoughts. I believe this happens more frequently, the more our technology advances and we become less focussed on our basic elements such as plants, animals, minerals, our ecosystems as well as ourselves. The chatter of TV’s, radios, etc. can be an escape from reality. Over population is clearly one of the biggest concerns at this time and threatens all our resources as well as the planet as a whole. Can you imagine a world where water is like oil?
So, what can we do to evolve as a society in a more positive direction? One is to live by example, without the need for materialism, power or self gain. Seek wisdom above all things. I have lived two separate lives. One of being very wealthy and the other being very poor. The later is by far, the most freeing. We need stewardship in environmental concerns and other issues and teach people that it’s not just about recycling your plastic bottle- it’s much more about how ALL life is connected. The average person does not realize that the fish they eat is due to the wolves that make the elk run, so trees can grow, to provide shade for the stream and cool the temperature for the water in which is suitable conditions for the fish to live. (Trophic Cascade) This is just one example of cause and effect spreading throughout our lives and universe all the way down the line on a daily basis.
I have found that the most important asset to being human is our mind. The power of thought is operating on a different level. Your thoughts are directly connected to results in which you have the power to change. An example of this would be using self-hypnosis, sports psychology and meditation before dealing with an aggressive dog. This mindset is crucial for the animal as well as the person to have positive results obtained.
Body language is universal. Thoughts you place on things are universal. All plants and animals can respond to these universal languages. An example of this was the Japanese scientist who did an experiment labeling bottled water with words and the water changed to different colors dependent upon the word or “thought” projected onto the bottle.
All people have in them a connection to the basic principals of nature though this sometimes has to be “woken up”. Everyone has the opportunity to grow spiritually within themselves and we all need to live more truthful, level of existence to obtain responsibility for the world in which we share.
This, I have learned through my surroundings. I have found an equal respect among life in the woods that has taught me great lessons far beyond cell. phones and debit cards. I hope to educate and share with the world a new knowledge of nature.

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