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Scoop in LA

Healthy Spot Lecture: Los Angeles Aug. 5th 7-8 p.m.

Posted by Jennifer McCarthy on August 5, 2009 in Scoop in LA, Speak! Archive

Tomorrow night (Wed. Aug. 5th), I will be giving a free lecture about wildlife and nature- not so much dogs. The reason is this: Over population that is causing such things as urban sprawl, loss of habitat, depletion of fish in our oceans, erosion, global warming, etc. is greatly impacting the very wildlife that lives on planet earth. Predators are trying to be successfully re-introduced while still being hunted down in planes, shark fins offer up a multi- billion dollar business and more and more people are moving out of our cities and into wild nature wanting peace and tranquility from the big city.
Here’s the scary truth: you cannot go within 20 miles from a road anywhere in the lower 48 states. The more you move up to the mountains, into the country- the more wear you are causing on the environment. The more kids you have, the more cars they drive, the more electricity they use and lines they may toss into the ocean or credit cards they may use to pay that expensive sushi bill. The Mexican wolf re-introduction plan you happily supported has killed more wolves than they have saved, the coyote that you see is now looking for you to feed him instead of going through your trash or seeing you as he becomes the predator, you become the prey, the male mountain lions that would normally travel hundreds of miles to claim a new territory can’t because they are hit by cars and the snipers that are hired to go into Rocky Mountain National Park at night and kill the deer because the wolf isn’t there, drag the carcusses out before daylight.
Yes, this is the sad state of nature and the more we try to manage it, the more un-natural it seems. No one seems to be talking though about the big elephant in the room: Over population. When a disease comes out for humans, we find a cure or a vaccine. I wonder sometimes how smart, how egotistical we have to be in always wanting to create, build, invent-the smartest people forget the simplest things:
Water, food, shelter, clothing. This is what a human needs. Plain and simple- nothing more, nothing less.
How can we forget the soil beneith our feet, the fresh oxygen in the air, the pure water that we drink and the buffalo meat that we eat. “Out of death, comes life”. This simple sentence says it all right there.
I am on a mission to try to educate as many people as possible about our eco-systems and how they work. I hope to leave those with a clear understanding of the Trophic Cascade and the Ecology of Fear. It seems as though this fear has transfered over to us. What we are afraid of, we kill. However, if we kill what we are afraid of, we are killing off much more than just the predator. We kill the grass, the birds, the trees and in our oceans- if we loose the shark, the entire ocean will be affected.
I am grateful to be presenting this lecture in Los Angeles- a city ebbing in and out of canyons and ocean surrounding it but do most who live here know how it works?
Why is it a good idea that we keep wildlife afraid of us? Why is it important to learn how to co-exist with coyotes, sharks, rattlesnakes and mountain lions? Wouldn’t it be easier if we just re-located them? How about killing them or maybe move more houses away from the city where less people are located? These and so many more questions I will be answering. I will tell how I live in the territory of two male mountain lions with two dogs and two cats when last year a lion ate 7 dogs and a horse in my tiny neighborhood. I will talk about ways to protect yourself and your pet, how to help maintain balance of nature and wildlife by your very own behavior.
Come check it out at:
Healthy Spot
1110 Wilshire Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Aug. 5th @ 7-8 p.m.
Hope to see you there!!!

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