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New Adventures…

Posted by Jennifer McCarthy on June 14, 2010 in Career, Dog & Wolf News / Issues, K-9 Ranch Training Center- Boulder, Colorado, Las Vegas Base, Los Angeles Base, Nature / Colorado, Scoop in LA, Site News and Updates, Speak! Archive, Travel, Yellowstone National Park Wolf Expedition

Today I am heading home after spending some time with my friend Henry (a high percentage wolf-dog) as he recovers from an injury from hiking last week. It’s one thing to get a 100 lb. animal that is pretty much all wolf, into the back of my Jeep and into emergency care. It’s another thing getting him down the mountain, into the emergency clinic off a high traffic area street, going through surgery and then successfully adopting a lamp shade collar. Then after this, having to take him back to the emergency clinic after he figures out how to chew through the collar and pull out his drainage tube. I am happy to report that Henry is now doing well and is no longer resisting the lampshade although many objects tend to fall or get knocked over in his path.
I have a busy next two months ahead of me- I am leaving for Africa in two weeks, packing up a lot of my things into storage and when I return, heading to Arizona to begin a journey back to horses, coyotes, the Mexican Gray Wolf and coexistence issues between wildlife and ranchers. You may be wondering why I do all of this and you will soon find out as I launch a new behavioral concept this fall right here on my website based on four years of research. Don’t worry, it still has to do with dogs but on a much broader spectrum.
After heading to Az. for one week, I am then in L.A. to meet with clients then up to a horse ranch where I will be living at for 1-2 years. I will still have my current locations and will eventually be heading back to Colorado but will still be there to meet with clients as I do in L.A. & Vegas in the meantime.
This is good news for those in Los Angeles and in Scottsdale, Prescott & Phoenix as I will be in these areas more often now to service those that need my help.
With all of this research, I have come to find some great advancements in the world of non-human animals so stay tuned for some amazing new information coming soon!
I am off to pack and gather up my equipment for some tent living in the bush of Gorongosa National Park as I document the re-introduction of species similar to that of the wolves in Yellowstone. I will be gathering information on local struggles between wildlife and livestock and see if they are having success with the Hyena and Wild Dog packs that run through the park and into local communities.
Off to pack and will blog from the road!
Best wishes,

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