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No, It’s Not Halloween

Posted by Jennifer McCarthy on May 12, 2007 in Site News and Updates, Speak! Archive

So, I’m making a point of blogging more although I’m still trying to figure out how to get certain pictures uploaded. (Hence the old picture of Dylan at MW during Halloween…). However, I’m going to invest in a new camera so I’ll be taking more recent pictures. This year is chalk full of surprises. For one thing, I’m close to hiring a PR firm. My new media adventure will officially begin on July 15th, 2007. The other exciting new advetures include a new focus on integrating my work with wolves into dogs and the people that bestow their company 😉 My dog trainer school is in full swing with more students coming out to learn the trade and a possible apprentice as my trusty side- kick may be in the works. This year I hope to take a trip up to Yellowstone to observe wolves in their natural habitat and many more trips to Florida and Los Angeles are slated for the coastal customers out there. The dogs are doing great and couldn’t be happier living on 5 acers in Colorado. It was a tough winter with lots of snow but we made it through and both myself and the dogs learned a lot about one another from being stuck inside! Elvis has turned out to be a beautiful male with the best temperment one could hope for. Lola continues to enjoy her time spent half way down a prairie dog hole and good old Dylan is always by my side. He’s got the mind of a puppy but the body of a 9 & a half year old. Still, I keep him in good shape with exercise and a healthy diet. Mitten, my cat has turned into a ruthless hunter and is now catching rabbits her own size. I’m constanly rescuing things from her grasp. All and all, we’re off to a great start this year and I’m very excited for more learning, research and continuing my life long passion working with animals. Stay tuned for an incredible year ahead and check in often as I’ll be blogging here more frequently.
Until we meet again-
All my best,

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  1. Alicia Milstead

    What a cute picture of Dylan! Your home and trainng facility sound beautiful! Your work with the wolves is so interesting. I can’t wait to hear about your trip to Yellowstone. Your West Coast LA clients are also anticipating your visits and miss you!

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