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Thanks :-)

Posted by Jennifer McCarthy on October 30, 2010 in Arizona, At Home, Career, Dog & Wolf News / Issues, K-9 Ranch Training Center- Boulder, Colorado, Las Vegas Base, Los Angeles Base, Mission Wolf, Nature / Colorado, Press, Scoop in LA, Site News and Updates, Speak! Archive, Training & Behavior Tips, Travel, Yellowstone National Park Wolf Expedition

Hey Everyone-
Thank you all for the beautiful messages and support I’ve been receiving from the airing of the Wolf-Dog special last night on the National Geographic Channel. There’s much more to come as things are moving quickly in a bigger direction… With that said, I have many more research projects I’ll be talking about, my work with coyotes and ranch dogs, horses, the Mexican Gray Wolf Program and much, much more! So stay tuned in here to my blog to get the latest news and I look forward to meeting more of you out there on this wonderful journey of helping animals. Howl and woof to you all!
All my best,

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