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At Home

Breeding Elvis…

Posted by Jennifer McCarthy on May 19, 2010 in At Home, K-9 Ranch Training Center- Boulder, Colorado, Speak! Archive, Training & Behavior Tips

I am pleased to report that this fall I will be purchasing a GSD from West German show lines in Germany to breed to Elvis. This will be his first litter on the ground for spring of 2011. Since mentioning this to a small batch of clients who know Elvis, there is already a waiting list! He is not only a wonderful family protection dog but perfect in temperament, health and in great looks (hence the name “Elvis”, he is the king!) I’ll keep you posted through the process as well as give inside tips on how to pick a great dog. He has already begun training for Schutzhund again and is building up muscle mass following me on my mountain bike at 9,000 ft. elevation for endurance work. The female I will be purchasing will be nothing short of a world class dog!
First Tip On Obtaining The Right Companion:
Whether you’re adopting or purchasing, don’t be in a rush! Too many great adoptable dogs are put down every day when others come out with severe health and temperament problems. I believe in doing your homework and never, ever rush into anything as a pet is a lifetime responsibility! More to come…
Elvis at play in the snow:

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