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K-9 Ranch Training Center- Boulder, Colorado

Brother, Sister Wolf- I Ask You What You Can Teach Me…

Posted by Jennifer McCarthy on January 17, 2010 in K-9 Ranch Training Center- Boulder, Colorado, Nature / Colorado, Speak! Archive, Training & Behavior Tips

There is greatness in the values of compassion, kindness, loyalty and understanding. I ask myself. “What have the wolves taught me about this?”
Their answer came in the snow when I was hiking along and saw their footprints gathered together in common areas and travel paths.
They have taught me about family- related and sometimes non-related. It is in their happiness to re-unite or celebrate after a successful hunt. Sometimes it is through play or an otherwise fun ritual of babysitting a tired mother’s pup’s. I have learned the importance of eating meals together and bonding while moving. Their understanding of family order is by far, one of the most important and key elements to their livelihood and survival.
Beyond this though is the friendship and deep bonds they hold to one another. I believe they are individuals like us- working through whatever issues and hurdles they may have to face in order to learn and grow to a deeper level of understanding. Values however are innate to most and with that being said, it is interesting how they stick to the relatively simple, yet intuitive elements that have kept this species going much longer than we have been here.
For wolves and other animals in the wild, they are living life on an incredible scale. It is do or die, life or death. No one hands them a pay check for their hard work but rather their reward is in sleeping on a full stomach. Their reality is so very real- every second of every day counts and they live a life they love. It makes me wonder though if all our modern achievements as humans have really made us happy. In my view, it has only caused harm. For example: Is it worth to dig for oil when the amount you may or may not find is not near the amount in emissions it takes to look for that oil? Is it to the earth’s benefit to create more things when you are harming more things in order to create them?
If we are a society built on escapism, what was life like when we couldn’t escape? Our people must have been strong- not just physically but mentally.
With every word I type, there is this non-reality to the expressions of my words. I remember a time when video games were nonexistent and tree houses and riding bikes were.
As I discussed with a friend tonight this detachment from reality, I thought it would be nice to get people motivated to simply get off line for a change and actually meet a friend for coffee to hear their latest status update on Facebook. It’s just a thought but maybe a thought that could implement some common ways of communicating in person versus on-line. If a wolf was shown a computer, they may try to chew on it. Be a wolf for a day and try life off-line. Maybe you just might read a book that has been sitting on your shelf for months staring at you or you may go for a hike and get a great idea or talk to a neighbor. Who knows? Hmm… maybe I should start a national get off your computer day. Not only would it be good for the environment but also good for us too!

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