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Evolving The Animal-Human Connection…

Posted by Jennifer McCarthy on February 7, 2011 in At Home, Speak! Archive, Training & Behavior Tips

As we enter year 2011, new advancements in science are proving that our genetic DNA differs slightly from other humans. For instance, if you are a Sherpa, you may carry a different variable in the Ace gene that allows you to climb a high altitude mountain without using supplemental oxygen. While we advance towards new science, we can’t forget the changing evolution in our relationship to claiming simplicity and understanding our pets.
The farther we go into our role as a supreme thinker, the farther we move away from seeing other creatures psychology. There is also a very big lack in sole responsibilty- taking time to work on our own human issues that effect our best friends.
It is important to recognize that without claiming our own short comings, it is very hard to work honestly and clearly with other animals. I see more and more people these days (without fault of their own), are not having the ability to look at their lives, go into their past and relieve themselves of the hurdles that block them to a more peaceful way of living. This then causes an animal who thinks, feels, smells & sees differently than us to take on these problems through energy, feeling & 6th sense which causes everything from stress, anxiety, fear and aggression.
While seperating animals that have true psychological and physical issues in relation to brain chemistry, genetics, etc. when I see a dog, I first have to see what is going on with the owner.
In relation to my work, I have seen it all from OCD to the loss of a spouse, divorce to alcohol & drug abuse issues, panic disorders, hoarding cases to even anger & rage. In order to make signifigant progress with the animal who is being effected by all of this, I must take into consideration human psychology.
I spend a great deal of time weekly clearing my mind of any anything that will hinder my work in helping a dog, wolf, etc. in need of assistance. If I were to walk into a house with an aggressive dog and carry my own personal issues into that environment, I would likely trigger an attack.
It is very important to me to walk into any environment with a clean slate and a clear mind having no adgenda until I get to know the animal and it’s owner first.
I must shake hands with a dog (aggressive or not) and always meet them as an equal prior to proceeding and do the same with any humans in the picture. My approach differs drastically on a full scale as to solve a problem. No dog or person is the same and I must look at every case as individual.
What makes individuality is the sole & personality of the being. Just because Sherpa’s hold a slightly different DNA code, it doesn’t mean every Sherpa is the same although they may generally be able to breathe better than the average person at high altitude.
It is important in our own evolution to take sole responsibilty, concentrate on the details and not gloss over these things in order to be successful in life as well as with our pets.
I feel that by gaining this greater awareness & knowledge, we would have far less animals being killed everyday due to human issues as well as many less animal related problems if we took time to look at ourselves.

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