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Group Classes For The Aggressive Dog

Posted by Jennifer McCarthy on January 23, 2011 in Arizona, Speak! Archive, Training & Behavior Tips

This weekend over 40 people will have attended another one of their group classes. While most trainers would insist to not bring these fearful, volital, dominant dogs into a group class environment, I say bring them on.
It was a goal of mine to construct a course that would economically appeal to clients who’s dogs suffer from this type of behavioral problem that could not afford private sessions. With a strong emphasis on safety, a required classroom course to start things off with an in- depth look at dog & human psychology, equipment and techniques (to name a few), the aggression class was born.
This weekend, relief came from an owner as her prior fearful dog met a number of people without growling, biting or snarling. A dog who was put on the defense by going after people submitted in an act of surrender and a German Shepherd who had never been socialized met Elvis & Lola for the first time successfully.
These small steps are big miracles for both the owner & dog to move forward in a healthier direction.
If your dog suffers from aggression in any form, don’t wait to get help as these problems usually get worse. If you can’t afford private sessions, are about to euthanize or get rid of your dog, aggression classes are a great way to address these hard core issues and get help to living a more peaceful & enjoyable life with your best friend 🙂


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