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Dog & Wolf News / Issues

Hello From the Woods…

Posted by Jennifer McCarthy on January 12, 2010 in Dog & Wolf News / Issues, K-9 Ranch Training Center- Boulder, Colorado, Los Angeles Base, Nature / Colorado, Speak! Archive, Training & Behavior Tips

Hi Everyone-
Well, I certainly have been on quite the journey lately trying to re-a-quaint myself again with society after spending so much time alone in solitude with nature, wolves, dogs, horses, birds, lynx- you name it.
These last four years have not only taught me a great deal professionally but personally as well. I have truly learned more from wolves about humankind than I think from humans themselves.
It has been quite the journey thus far that has taken me to places I never thought I would go. My understanding of creatures other than our own has shown me since I was a child that they know more than us in simpler terms. If you can slow your brain down and think with your instincts, you can be more effective with your pet than ever before.
Since modern society has had us “creating” and inventing all this useful stuff with our brains, we have forgotten how to think with our more primal, natural senses. It is about coming forth on equal terms- joining with animals that will allow the greatest respect and understanding between both parties. Animals get this concept btw…. When I meet a horse for example, I am not there to dominate or submit to them- I am only there in friendship to listen to them. Whether it be the most aggressive wolf to the most tame poodle or a friendly street cat- it works the same way. You can never go in assuming anything until you have established a relationship and then AND ONLY THEN true communication can begin.
It saddens me that so many humans are out of touch with these instincts and fail to learn from animals as much as we teach them. Much of society in my experience with nature & various creatures comes from a sense of superiority, entitlement, selfishness or acts of convenience.
When you can feel an animal, they might not always want what you think they want because it’s more about you then them. I hate to say it but I see many pets like this and their voices expressing this to me are only getting louder. The owner showers them with affection when rather- they may prefer to be left alone yet the owner fails to acknowledge this because it comes from their own needs not getting met by other humans. There are dogs that do better walking in front of you and dogs that do better walking in back or on the side. The truth is- there is no “one way” but all ways except to injure those involved. You must look at every creature as an individual and different creatures hold different body language but they all hold some things in common: energy, thoughts, souls, intentions & feelings.
I have learned since I was young to be quiet and feel out these situations that may other wise be dangerous. I walk a soft but firm path, set boundaries and help guide animals to a different place of understanding. Perhaps the human is getting in the way of this growth by just the mere lack of improper tools when something else would be better suited. This skill is truly the most crucial- to think with your feelings, your intuition, gut, minds-eye, whatever you want to call it- we all have it inside us to draw upon. Many times pets can get stuck and just need some help communicating so I try to bridge that gap.
I look as these teachers as my equals and they show me things that I need to learn in order to grow as a human being. I feel fortunate that I have sought animals as my friends my whole life but it has come at great cost as I have been more like a lone wolf in life and to help people was like learning a whole new skill set.
With all this said, I really want to communicate to those that are listening that we are in a
great time of change in our world. If parents can teach their children to have a better appreciation for the earth and all it’s inhabitants, we will be able to make great changes in the future of humanity. We must lead by example and protect the landscape due to over population and habitat loss for all animals around the globe. Climate change is causing tremendous stress on species fighting for their very survival such as the polar bear and other top predators. I wish there would be some sort of education about these topics in our school system but there isn’t. Every day I witness animals suffering great losses to their habitat and fear of these animals causes humans to want to eliminate them. We need to learn how to co-exist peacefully again with Mother Nature. Los Angeles for example has one of the oldest and healthiest populations of coyotes co-existing with humans yet some folks will still call wildlife services or animal control if they merely see a coyote in their neighborhood. As more people try to claim nature as their own (I don’t care how much money you make, who you are or all the reasons you can say you own your land…) the land my friends was never ours to begin with and will far surpass your family ownership or claim upon it once you move on from this world. You must know that you are creating homes upon homes that have already existed before you got there. Animals have a far more advanced understanding in this system than us because we expand and spread like a slow burning fire- crushing and killing living things in our wake with bull dozers and pipe lines. Take only what you need and leave the rest… The truest path in life is a simple one.
Goodnight from living with the wolves,

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