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How Your Thoughts Can Affect Your Relationship With Animals…

Posted by Jennifer McCarthy on September 1, 2010 in At Home, K-9 Ranch Training Center- Boulder, Colorado, Nature / Colorado, Speak! Archive, Training & Behavior Tips

Some of the characteristics to the human brain are meant to problem solve, create, think and sometimes over think. We can obsess in our thoughts, try to control situations when in reality, we have no control, we can analyze and carry around garbage from the past that no longer serves us.
All of these things-I have learned over the years, can be detrimental to working in co-operation with pets and other non-human animals. For example, if I see a client who has an aggressive dog and I am in fear, anger or any emotion that heightens my awareness from an equal level when I walk in the door, this could immediately trigger an attack.
A practice I have learned is to meditate and leave all my thoughts outside the door. If I have a hard time letting go of a thought, a good thing to visualize is placing that topic of thoughts onto an object to be picked up at a later point.
I have had to do some drastic things in order to maintain results-some of which include working with human beings that have all sorts of things going on only to see this mirrored in their pet.
Sometimes, it is helpful to detach owner and dog while an owner can write down all their thoughts, fear, anger and obsessions and release this in a ceremonious fashion in the woods where it is to be left for good or picked up later before they are ready to handle the leash.
At other times, I find myself teaching breathing techniques to lower the heart rate of a person who is fearful of walking her aggressive dog. This also is a fundamental thing I have learned in researching sharks.
Once these thoughts are released, you can now come from a much healthier platform and your best friend will respond much more efficiently. Animals are much more in tune and sensitive than you may realize and all operate instinctively off their owners.
If you are having a bad day or something isn’t right in your life, look to your dog, cat, horse, etc., and they’ll honestly let you know something is wrong.
Once you look within to fixing yourself first, your dog is the easy part!
Best Wishes From the Ranch,

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