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This Has Been A Very Long Journey…

Posted by Jennifer McCarthy on September 6, 2009 in At Home, Career, K-9 Ranch Training Center- Boulder, Colorado, Los Angeles Base, Nature / Colorado, Speak! Archive, Training & Behavior Tips, Travel

This has been a very long journey for me that seems to have been a life long process over the years. I’m somehow unsure how I’ve gotten here besides just putting one foot in front of the other but this journey has led me every where from training Coon Hounds in Florida to working side by side sharp shooters in L.A., to hiking off leash with wolves and dogs in the back country of Colorado. If only I knew as a young girl obsessed with animals and horse back riding, teaching my dogs tricks in the kitchen and learning from my Mom how to take care and train all of our dogs, well…, I never thought I would be here.
I would say that the circle of life- how to pull this all together across many fields is what interests me the most. I believe we are all animals and I believe there is much to learn from animals beyond our comprehention. They are invaluable teachers. I don’t beleieve we are greater nor less but as equals. We are coming into a time to bring us back to basics- the wind, the sun, the earth are the very resources we need to partner with to sustain our existance for a brighter future. As basic as it sounds, Native Americans had this whole thing figured out long before we did. The difference is we never stopped to listen. With that said, animals- play an imporatnt role in sustainable living, teaching and growing our relationship with them is an important one in the future of a new planet. We have to be careful to sustain balance. Humans love to tip the scales.
Now that I think about it, the most peaceful place on earth to me is in with the predator. I feel truly connected to something greater- almost as if my alignment goes out of whack the more humans I’m around, the more I become centered- the more wolves I’m around. A true sense of peace. The same with scuba diving- I’m always the last one up because I hardly waste any air- just purely relaxed underwater around sharks or when a Rottweiler has my arm in it’s mouth & viciously shaking, I relax my arm and he let’s go. If that makes me weird- so be it. I have always felt different around animals.
And then there are the dogs. I am still a dog trainer but enjoy educating people on my latest research as it pertains to their given situation is the essence to my philosophy- thinking “outside the box” and being creative.
I would love to do more nature therapy for dogs and their owners. I recently had a situation in L.A. with a woman who had no respect for me as a person- forget about what I do. She had two assistants, a housekeeper, etc. and was hiding behind this mask or wall in which she created for herself that I could see right through. I thought to myself, if I could put this woman in generic clothes, no makeup, no brand names to hide behind- just a backpack made of tarp and a seatbelt, gave her a leash with her dog and sat her down after a long hike to talk, she would have let that mask begin to come down and I would have seen a real human being.
Everyone is affected by their childhhood just as animals affected for life by theirs. There are good mothers and bad mothers across all lines- life is funny that way. It does not hold preference to species. The thing that most people fall into is the trap of, is time. Animals have all the time in the world. If you take away time, take someone into the woods and break them down to build them back up- having to survive to care for the basic needs if themselves and their dog, you have a human being not associated by job, rank, money or fame. To learn to be a good parent, I truly believe one has to have the experience of caring for an animal. If you can protect your dog, surely you can protect your child. The power of nature is beyond comprehention and most that get to experience it on a deep level, will never forget it. Get outside!

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