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K-9 Ranch Training Center- Boulder, Colorado

Winter Camping Tips:

Posted by Jennifer McCarthy on September 9, 2009 in K-9 Ranch Training Center- Boulder, Colorado, Nature / Colorado, Speak! Archive, Training & Behavior Tips, Travel, Yellowstone National Park Wolf Expedition

Winter Camping tips:
1) Don’t leave your boots outside your tent. They will freeze and mice will sleep in them.
2) Speaking of mice, check your boots before you put your feet in them.
3) Don’t pitch a tent near a river, stream, etc. The moisture will condense on the inside of your tent and cause ice to form.
4) Layer the bottom of the tent with many blankets. The farther you are from the ground, the warmer you will stay.
5) Eat spicy food to keep you warm and fill a cantene or water bottle with hot water to put in your sleeping bag when you for get in. Hot rocks off a campfire will do the same thing.
6) Store your food, lotions, creams, etc. Away from your tent in a proper bear proof container or slung over a tree far from the ground at the middle portion of a limb. Being bear safe even in winter is a smart choice as some bears will still be roaming around.
7) Pets attract animals, food & your behavior. Behave properly in the wild and you will avoid dangerous animal encounters. Carry bear spray and a blow horn if you are in grizzly country.
8) If you get snowed into your tent, start banging the snow away before opening any zippers. Pitching tents under trees will help with snowfall accumulation.
9) Mice love warmth! Don’t store food in your car or you’ll have company riding shotgun with you on the way home.
10) Take care of your dog by providing warm bedding, fresh (not frozen) water, food, sleeping accompdation inside your tent and booties and warm outerlayers if needed.
11) Bring snowshoes in your car, extra food and blankets and always bring two back up sleeping bags.
12) Sleep in layers, with a hat and winter socks on.

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