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Traveling with your Pets During the Holidays

Posted by Jennifer McCarthy on May 13, 2016 in Blog, Travel

The holidays are here and for a lot of people that means traveling to visit friends and family to celebrate. If you are planing on bringing your pet along for the holiday festivities be sure to plan accordingly. Here are some tips to help you and your pet have a great trip!

– Pack a travel kit including items such as food, bowl, bottled water, a leash, plastic bags, first aid and any travel documents needed (if crossing state line). It is a good idea to feed your dog a light meal 3 or 4 hours prior to leaving. Drinking water from an area your pet isn’t used to can sometimes result in a stomach ache, bottled water is a better option.

– Have your pet ride in a crate or in a harness attached to a seatbelt. Be sure to secure the crate so it will not slide in the event of a quick stop. Your pet should not be able to roam in the car as it can be a distraction to the driver.

– Do not let your pet ride with their head out of the window. Yes it looks cute and they love it but your animal can be easily injured by flying debris from the road or try to jump from the vehicle.

– Allow time to make lots of rest stops and allow them to stretch, exercise and use the bathroom. Remember never to leave you pet unattended in the car. In the winter months a car can act as a refrigerator and hold in the cold air causing an animal to freeze.

– Always be sure to have your pets wear their collars with identification, and have your pet micro chipped. It is also a good idea to make a temporary tag with your cell number and your destination’s contact number during the trip.

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