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Group Classes

Domestic Dog: Basic Obedience (Level 1)

341X_Esy6KSPJiTnEFZTdiUZkHtGNvSuXxe2cqyqm5c (8 Months and Older)

This class is the beginner’s obedience course and covers basic training commands. Learn to avoid common training mistakes and set the foundation for future training. Eliminate bad behaviors and encourage positive habits through problem-solving. Problems such as: barking, digging, jumping, chewing, begging, and pulling on the leash, etc. are also covered. Think like a dog to understand your pet’s behavior and body language and what we communicate through our own physical cues.

Equipment needed: Favorite toy or ball, 6-ft. leash, flat collar, 30 ft. long line.

What you will learn:

* Problem Solving and Prevention Techniques: Personal attention throughout the course to address issues and help solve key behavior problems

* Commands: Sit and down using drive and focus, proper sit on the heel, heel command, come when called and introduction to the stay commands

* Recommendations on training equipment for your individual dog

* Nutrition, exercise, socialization and biological information

This course will give you the tools you need to eliminate bad behaviors and encourage positive habits.

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