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Group Classes

Leader of the Pack (Advanced Obedience)

unspecified-2(8 Months & Over)

This class takes you and your companion into the world of advanced dog training. Learn to effectively communicate through body language for off-leash training commands. Advanced dog training gives your dog a job to do and a sense of purpose — creating a deep bond between you and your best friend.

Equipment Needed: 6 ft. leash, flat collar, 30 ft. long line

What you will learn:

* Learn to use your body language to read your dog’s body language as a direct-line of communication.

* Commands: Sit-in-motion, Down-in-motion (emergency down), off-leash commands: heal, sit, down and come when called

* Class on further advanced dog training: pursuing dog sports, service work (therapy dogs, search and rescue, etc.), outstanding companionship or competition dog training and tracking

*Nutrition, exercise, socialization and biological information

This class will optimize the relationship between you and your dog through mastering advanced training techniques.

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