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Group Classes

Spirit of the Wolf (Level 2)

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Building the bond between you and your dog is the secret to a rich and rewarding relationship between you and your best friend. Only a .2% difference is found in the DNA of your dog and the wild wolf . This class helps you understand the connection between wolf and dog. Learn to harness the proper mentality for training and understanding your loyal companion. Dig deeper to awaken the spirit of the wolf and build a happy and healthy relationship with your dog. This course will help you to unlock your dogs full potential and create a deeper bond and understanding.

Equipment Needed: 6 ft. leash, flat collar, 30 ft. longline

What you will learn:

* The Wolf Psyche: A comprehensive 1-hour intro about dog/wolf psychology & behavior. Learn to see the world through your dog’s eyes.

* One with Wolves: Promote a healthy and trouble-free life together with your dog using firsthand tips from Jennifer’s extensive research and experience living in nature amongst wolves and feral packs of dogs.

* Commands: 5 min. Down Stay, 3 min. Sit-Stay, Sit & Down-Stay with distractions, Advanced About-turn, Finish on the Come-When Called, Come When Called with distractions

*Nutrition, exercise, socialization and biological information

This course will help you to unlock your dog’s full potential and create a deeper bond and understanding between you and your companion.

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