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Group Classes

Survival of the Pack: K-9 Kindergarten

461756_3842668867152_297754153_o(Puppy: 8 mo. & Younger)

The juvenile stage from (6 wks. to 8 mo.) is a critical time to provide guidance, solidify leadership, optimize socialization and build a basic foundation for your puppy’s development in becoming a loyal, lifelong companion. Learn valuable skills and groundbreaking methods that originate from hands-on research of the ancestral wolf and its offspring in both captive and wild environments. This is not your average puppy class, it’s an essential course for a new owner to understand how to build the foundation to set their dog up for maximum success in the future.

Equipment needed: Treats, favorite toy or ball, 6 ft. leash, flat collar

What you will learn:

*The Offspring Psyche: A comprehensive 1-hour intro about feral dog & wolf puppy psychology & behavior. View your home as a den and learn to see the world through your dog’s eyes.

* Socialization 101: Give your puppy the opportunity to learn how to socialize the correct way. Stay in tune with your as well as other dogs’ body language.

* Effective Problem-Solving: Learn to eliminate bad behaviors with simple solutions and encourage positive behaviors more often.

* Setting Rules: Learn how to set rules and boundaries and prevent problems from occurring.

* The Four Puppy Commandments: Sit, down, down from standing, and come when called. Master the commands and their importance to your puppy’s well being and development.

* New Tricks: The paw-shake and roll over. You can always teach your dog new tricks! Learn the basics to teaching your dog tricks in the future.

* Scent-savvy: Work on basic scent tracking to understand the power of your dog’s sense of smell and the importance of seeing the world through the nose.

* The Pack-Family Mentality: Build an environment from the perspective of a Mother or Father wolf and set your dog up for success.

* A Dog’s Den: Control resources and view your home as a den and all things in it as your dog’s currency system.

This course will give you the tools to access your dog’s full potential beyond the six weeks of class and the juvenile life stage.


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