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Natural Dog Behavior & Training


Looking to find your inner animal?

Jennifer McCarthy World Class Dog Training can help you learn to communicate with your dog in the most natural way. In this philosophy of dog behavior & training, you will learn to work with your animal using the language of dogs. You will learn how to “speak” to your dog using ways in which dogs communicate to each other such as body language, growling, energy work, touch, etc. You will learn how to become a strong leader of your pack using non-invasive techniques or treats. Jennifer will show you how to work with your pet using your hands, voice and not a leash. You will be given an in depth education of dog behavior & psychology and learn to get your self back to nature and the dynamic effects it has on your pet.

Standard hourly rates apply. Please call or e-mail us to get more information on these services at 310-890-2811 or