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Protection/Guard Dogs

414406_3864158684384_1668603466_oNeed a dog to protect your life, family or property?

Jennifer McCarthy World Class Dog Training has trained guard dogs and protection dogs for A-List celebrities, Fortune 100 executives, private security firms, individuals and families throughout the country. All information personal or otherwise is kept strictly confidential. Dogs are trained to the highest level to meet your needs. Whether you called us for a dog to guard your life, family’s life, briefcase, car, plane, personality, jewelry, house, or store, our priority is your safety, security and peace of mind.

Every dog is trained using different languages and words. Training techniques are not made public. We are available to generate mock break-ins, burglaries and attack scenarios. We have trained dogs for all different types of work — ignition training, gun shots, food refusal, breaking and entering, locating suspects, tracking, building searches, jumping out of moving vehicles, weapon training, deterrent barking, snarling and growling, holding suspects, body bites, child protection, etc. We take pride in selling dogs to law enforcement, private security outlets or individuals. Our dogs are safe with other law-abiding civilians, children and other dogs. Our top priority is to have the best of both worlds — a protection dog that can function in society as well as track and take down a suspect. We offer private education courses to law enforcement, companies & private ownership on how to keep a dog safe, properly cared for as well as maintained to keep the highest level of drive and working ability. Protection dogs can be purchased by price range, work experience, age, specific needs, size & breed, etc.

All of our elite protection dogs come from all over the world as well as right here in the U.S. They are highly driven and high-powered working dogs that never give up until the job gets done. They are bought through either reputable breeders or adopted through local animal shelters (once physically cleared & tested) and then trained.

If you are looking for a great family protection dog we have that, too. We typically recommend the German Shepherd for this type of work. A family protection dog is one that is raised in a home with children, highly socialized and also highly trained to protect your home and family. Our dogs are safe, fun, loyal and un-afraid of threats. But, they will put their life on the line if they have to.

To apply for one of our dogs we must have the following information:

* What is the dog being used for? (Narcotic, Bomb Detection, Dual Purpose, Police K-9, SAR, Personal Protection, Military, Guard Dog, Private Security, etc.)
* Where will the dog be kept off duty? (Pictures of a kennel arrangement/yard with shade and/or heat).
* What is the experience level of the potential handler?
* Does your facility/company provide equipment or train with an operation who can maintain the dog and handler team on a weekly basis?
* Has the handler owned and cared for personal dogs or other working dogs in the past?
*Please be aware that it is company policy not to sell dogs to any outlet or individual who cannot prove to us the dog will be well taken care of or show proof of environment the dog will be living in. Under our contract to protect the animal, no dog shall ever be hit or abused in any way.

Prices vary substantially. Please inquire for further information and assistance at 310-890-2811 or We come highly recommended from national investigation agencies and security services.