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Service Dog Training

Blind Man and a Guide Dog --- Image by © Image Source/Corbis

Blind Man and a Guide Dog — Image by © Image Source/Corbis

Do you need a companion who is also your helpmate?

At Jennifer McCarthy’s World Class Dog Training, we train service dogs to help people living with the disabilities including:

Mobility Assistance
Psychiatric Service

Please note that we do not train therapy dogs. Therapy dogs are trained to provide comfort in settings such as hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools etc.

All of our training is done through individual, tailored and private courses & sessions. Unfortunately we are not a nonprofit organization, and do not provide services pro bono. To enter our program, you will need the following:

  • Current vaccination records for your dog, healthy vet exam (same thing you would get for flying your dog on an airplane).
  • A doctor’s letter pertaining to why you qualify for an assistance, service or mobility dog.

In order to get started, all dogs must complete our 6-week Basic Obedience program through either the group class setting or private instruction. For a list of classes in the Los Angeles area, please visit our group class page.

We can assist you in purchasing or adopting a potential service dog through a reputable breeder or local animal shelter. Please be aware however, that not all dogs make good service dogs and it’s important that we evaluate your dog (if it was chosen by you) before getting started.

Each animal can learn a variety of different tasks to help you with activities that present themselves as challenging. Some of these examples are:

Pulling wheel chairs
Helping with balance
Emotional support
Alerting for specific behaviors in Autism, PTSD
Easing anxiety/panic disorder in social situations, elevators, airplanes, stores, etc.
Opening doors
Picking up items off the floor
Locating & bringing keys, other items
Getting items off shelves

Once you complete our formal basic obedience course, we can then tailor the dog’s training to your needs depending on your disability. Your dog can become certified through our program once we test you and the dog as a working team. Protection dogs and dogs with behavioral issues do not qualify for this program. Total number of additional training sessions will be determined after completion of the six week obedience course.

We can also train a dog for you through our boarding & training program. Please call or e-mail us to get more information on these services at 310-890-2811 or

A custom-trained service dog is one of a kind!