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Trail Ready

617201_4755090957134_1615842593_oDo you want to hike with your dog off-leash?

Let Jennifer McCarthy World Class Dog Training give you the voice and sight control you need to be trail ready. The guidelines are clear: “Dogs you are responsible for must be within your site and under your verbal command at all times, regardless of distractions. If your dog cannot immediately obey verbal commands, it must be put on-leash. You must have a leash with you for each dog for which you are responsible. Keep in mind that dogs under voice and sight control are not allowed to charge, chase, or display aggression toward other people or dogs or charge, harass or disturb wildlife or livestock.”

The following are some of the training techniques that would be covered:

  • Come when called with distractions.
  • Leadership within your pack.
  • How to keep your canine in sight at all times.
  • “Wait” command on side of trail while distractions go past.
  • Emergency “Down” from standing position.
  • Building endurance in dogs, how to have your dog perform like a working dog.
  • Carrying weight and fitting packs.
  • On-leash maneuvers over rocks and narrow spaces.
  • How your dog can help you.
  • Forming an emergency supply kit for dogs and basic first aid.

Trails will be determined and directions provided prior to the session. All participants are asked to bring plenty of water for you and your dog and poop pick up bags. To inquire about this exciting opportunity, please call or e-mail us to get more information on these services at 310-890-2811 or